About Us

“It takes something more than intelligence to act intelligently”

The Growing Seed embraces the philosophy that true intelligence extends beyond knowledge; it's about applying wisdom in action.


Background & Philosophy

The Growing Seed, founded in 2021, is built on the fundamental belief that every organisation, regardless of its size, possesses untapped potential. We envision this potential as a dormant seed, ready to bloom into a vibrant, people-centric workplace through the power of transformative learning. By nurturing an organisation's most valuable asset – its people – we empower both individuals and teams to thrive.

The Founder

Lorenzo brings a wealth of experience to The Growing Seed, having worked as an executive coach across four continents, supporting CEOs, senior professionals, and emerging leaders alike. His diverse client portfolio includes globally renowned organisations like the United Nations, Heathrow Airport, Bahrain National Bank, Jaguar & Land Rover, and the NHS, as well as innovative start-ups and thriving mid-sized businesses. Lorenzo is passionate about cultivating key leadership qualities such as emotional intelligence, effective problem-solving, and resilience in the face of uncertainty.

A Unique Blend of Academia and Practice

Lorenzo's expertise extends beyond the boardroom. As a respected lecturer in organizational behaviour at University College London's School of Management, he shares his knowledge with MBA students and global leaders through his classes, evidence-based coaching and psychometric assessments. His approach is distinguished by an impartial, unbiased perspective, encouraging leaders to think critically and independently. This unique blend of practical experience and academic rigour underpins our philosophy that effective action is not merely about knowledge, but the application of wisdom.

At The Growing Seed, we are committed to empowering individuals and organisations to cultivate their potential, fostering a more human and people-oriented workplace through transformative learning.

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